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Saturday October 19th (rainout date of Sunday October 20th) 

at Little Elm Park during Woofstock

Individuals and teams can create a floating craft out of many things found around the house and compete for prizes in 7 categories.

The requirements are simple and can be found in the rules and regulations. Please be sure you read and understand them thoroughly. Be creative as possible with your vessel. A panel of guest judges will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards to the vessels that complete the horseshoe shaped course with the fastest time.  Awards will also be given for the following categories:

Best of Show

Most Unusual use of beverage containers

Most unlikely to float

Most creative use of styrofoam

Most interesting use of duct tape

Mystery Award

A maximum of 25 vessels may participate in the Derby. Applications are a first come first serve basis so sign up FAST!!!!

$15.00 for Individual 

$25.00 for teams (max of 5 crew members)

900 Lobo Lane

Little Elm, TX 75068

(972) 292-1100

5904 Edgewood Place

Little Elm, TX 75068

(214) 797-2941

  • 2013 Little Elm Autumn Fest Anything that Floats Derby Entry Application

    Please complete the form below to provide details about your submission.
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NOTE: Submission of an application does not guarantee inclusion in the race. Consideration is based on applicant’s theme, costume, propulsion, vessel design, and any additional information provided with application. The Anything Floats Derby will accept a maximum of 25 vessels. EARLY SIGN UP IS RECCOMMENDED .

1. Teams must consist of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 participants. Each group must be capable of handling all the blame for losing or sinking. (Anyone can handle the pleasure of winning!)

2. All participants must be at least 14 years of age. Participants under the age of 18 must have guardian’s signature on Release and Indemnity form and guardian must be present during the race. The entire crew must sign a Release and Indemnity Form. Signed forms must accompany completed entry forms. Last minute crew changes are permitted, upon receipt of signed and witnessed additions to the Release and Indemnity form.

3. U.S. Coast Guard approved "personal flotation devices" (PFD’s. life jackets or vests) must be worn at all times during the race. The life jackets must be in good condition and be of the proper size.

4. The vessel must be powered only by human or Mother Natures energy. No engines, motors (including battery operated) will be accepted. Sails, paddles, oars, and paddle wheels are fine. Your vessel must not be commercially designed or built to travel on water. No disguised Jet Skis, paddleboats, Jon Boats or pontoons.

5. Vessel size may not exceed 10ft. wide x 15ft. long x 10ft. high. Any oversized vessel will be eliminated from the competition.

6. Costumes are optional, but encouraged

7. You must dispose of your vessel after the race – do not leave it in the water or in the park.

8. Each vessel will be supplied with signage with your race number. The sign must be affixed to your vessel and prominently displayed so that judges and race timers will know the identity of the vessel.

9. All vessels must have 50ft. of attached tow rope on board.

10. As a safety precaution, please be sure your vessel has an easy exit in case of emergency.

11. No team or sponsor may enter more than one vessel in the race.

12. All vessels must remain inside the designated race course. Any vessel straying outside of the horseshoe course is subject to disqualification.

13. Should your vessel self-destruct at any time during the race, the shore patrol will make sure that you remove everything from the water.

14. ALCOHOL IS NOT TO BE CONSUMED BEFORE OR DURING THE RACE!! The presence of alcohol on your vessel and/or the consumption of alcohol during or prior to the race may result in disqualification.

15. All vessels and participants entries will be inspected to assure design, costumes, etc. are in good taste. Entries not deemed appropriate may be disqualified.

16. No use of store bought devices intended for flotation purposes, such as air mattresses, inner tubes etc.

17. Late arrivals may be disqualified.

18. No horseplay by participants which may be harmful to crafts or surrounding individuals.

19. All vessels must be removed from the water no later than one hour after the completion of the race.

20. All participants must stay aboard vessel for the duration of the race, if any crewmember falls or jumps into the water, the vessel will be disqualified.

21. Decisions of the race committee are final without appeal of matters concerning the race.

22. Race officials are empowered to decide at their discretion any cases not covered by existing rules.

23. No food, beverages or pets will be allowed on the vessel during the race

24. To qualify for a prize, vessel must remain afloat for 5 minutes or more, but need not complete the race.

If you need confirmation that a material is OK to use please call the race sponsor,

Brent Nimmick 214-797-2941 - Stephen Christian 469-2574-7838 –


3:00 3:45 p.m.  Vessel sign-in and  inspection begins

4:00 p.m. Race Begins

5:00p.m Awards and presentations Little Elm Park north of boat ramp


Best of Show
Fastest Time 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Most unusual use of beverage containers
Most unlikely to float
Most creative use of Styrofoam
Most interesting use of duct tape
Mystery Award ????